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Corneille has many faces. Circus, theatre, dance, visual arts and education.

He is a performer and maker with a heart for physical communication and devotion. Balancing on the border of different disciplines, Corneille aims to find the extend of physical possibilities. His work is human and relatable, confronting us with our own capabilities. As a visual artist and circus maker he integrates theatricality and aesthetics in the world of the performing arts.


From the age of nine Camiel Corneille was longing to go to the extend of the human possibilities. Thinking he found it when he graduated at the University of the Arts (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, graduated with honours 2011, Fine Art and Education), he came in contact with the Circus (Codarts Circus Arts Rotterdam, graduated 2015).


A world opened and by means of the Aerial Straps in combination of his Visual and Digital background, Corneille gained a layered interdisciplinary work attitude intertwined with his own physical language.

His first solo 'LAPSE' he created in Korzo for 'Voorjaarsontwaken'. 

Currently Corneille partnered up with a young artist support organisation BURO PIKET to realise his next creation. 


"WE ARE TWO". A duet about brothers; researching unsexualised intimacy between two men.

Corneille legt een, volgens de gedachte van het nouveau cirque, logisch verband tussen dans en circus, acrobatiek en esthetiek, sport en kunst. 


- theaterkrant



Aside from his own work Corneille can be found often working for other companies. One of them is the Belgium company Grensgeval that recently successfully premiered their second collaboration ‘MURMUR’.

A circus theatre performance about an artist researching the perfect sound composition accompanied by his partner ‘sound’ itself.

Murmur is acrobatic sound theatre that appeals to the senses. With murmuring backpacks, a landscape of speakers and an acrobatic composer. A performance for everyone who sometimes longs to be more than just human.



Artistic Coaching

Creative and Artistic support and coaching for the artist 'to be'.

I work mainly question based and try to help you understand choises you are making or have to make. I activate reflection of yourself, your workattitude and your (art)work.

Study Guidance

Guidance for study problems and dificulties.

I help you with problems related to your study progress, like planning, writing problems, essay writing and thesis support (e.a.)

Interdisciplinairy Projects

Guiding/supporting/creating interdisciplinairy projects and communication.

Technical Supervision 

Technical training/classes Visual Arts (drawing/painting) and Acrobatic/Aerial straps.

For more information on coaching or support do not hesitate to send an email.

"A fine artist needs skill. A great artist needs skill and a brain.

An amazing artist needs skill, a brain and hell of a lot of luck."

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